"I admit that initially I was a bit skeptical about Talks Pace and the quality of therapy that I would find in online therapy.  But I am happy to say that this has been a wonderful experience! I have worked with Catherine now for over a year. 


Kind words from lovely clients.  If you would like to leave a testimonial, please follow this link.

She has been a fantastic listener and has offered invaluable support to me, helping me to really find my inner voice and hone in on the root problems that have existed and to better understand the dynamics of my situation.

She is highly intuitive and it is clear to me that she is truly non-judgemental and genuinely cares about the work that she does and that she possesses a passion for helping others. She is also very flexible, easily adjusting her style as needs change. She has always been very responsive and reliable. Couldn't have asked for a better match for me! I highly recommend Catherine!"

"Catherine was a genuine and insightful energy worker & therapist. This is the type of session I've been looking for quite some time now.

Finally I found someone able to connect not just the mind, but the body and soul into therapy. She understood me on an intellectual, emotional, intuitive & spirit level.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an alternative to 'talk' or psychotherapy. I will continue to see her because my results after the session made me feel at peace, on the right track and connected to the Source"

"Catherine is an extremely effective therapist! I am a therapist and I have experienced significant growth and healing with the support of Catherine's efforts.

She just gets me and I always feel cared about and like I have her undivided attention!

I highly recommend her as a therapist ! Thank you Catherine!"

"Warm, kind and empathetic... Catherine is approachable, real, and non-judgmental, but she is not afraid to tell me what she really thinks.

She is able to process on multi -linear planes which makes her a joy to interact with, she makes me feel fully supported while helping me feel empowered to work out my own solutions.

No matter what I'm going through, I always feel uplifted after a session with her. I have recommended her to friends and family who share a background similar to my own and have often said: ' I wish everyone could have a Catherine - they should clone her.'"

"Catherine is incredibly passionate about what she does. She is a fabulous therapist who walks the journey with her clients in a compassionate and empathetic way.

She treat s people unique individuals, tailoring treatment to each one in a unique way.

I highly recommend working with Catherine, anyone who does is fortunate to have her in their life."

"Be mindful that all we have is this moment -Ruff!"





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